Sol System

Sol (aka The Sun or Helios)

Sol is the common name for the star that formed the Sol system.



The Sol System

The Sol system (or Solar system or Terran system [Latin terra, meaning Earth]) is a single-star system located in Sector 001 of the Alpha Quadrant.


It includes a yellow dwarf star named Sol, eight planets (one of which is natively inhabited), one asteroid / planet and three dwarf planets in total, in addition to numerous natural satellites and other smaller bodies.



  Sol I (Mercury)

  Sol II (Venus)

  Sol III (Earth / Terra)

  Sol IV (Mars)

  Sol V (Jupiter)

  Sol VI (Saturn)

  Sol VII (Uranus)

  Sol VIII (Neptune)



The oldest extra-terrestrial human colonies are located within the Sol system, including those on Luna (the Moon), Mars, and Titan.


The Sol system is also the main base of operations for the Federation and Starfleet, with most of their facilities spread between the third and fourth planets.

Sol System

A library computer shot of the Sol System from the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) in 2254 (“The Cage, TOS”).


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