United Earth

United Earth Emblem

United Earth Emblem

United Earth is the name of the planetary state created through the unification of Earth in the 22nd Century following first contact in 2063United Earth continued to exist as a political subdivision of the United Federation of Planets when its government helped found that interstellar state in 2161 (Star Trek: First Contact & Enterprise, the series).

 –  Definition from Memory Alpha


Although there is no direct canon evidence for this, the United Earth is probably a parliamentary government.  According to the novel, Starfleet: Year One, the United Earth Government is headed by a President and a Prime Minster (see also: Tales of the Dominion War short story: Eleven Hours Out).  Members of the United Earth Cabinet receive the title of “Minister” (“Demons, Terra Prime, ENT”; ENT novel: The Good That Men Do).




Both United Earth President’s office and Starfleet was located in San Francisco (novel: Starfleet: Year One).






Planetary bodies that had major Human settlements or military installations on them in the 2150’s included:

In the Sol System:

·              Earth

          Luna (Moon): Lunar Colonies

·              Mars: Martian Colonies

·              Asteroid belt: Several bases and mining installations in the asteroid belt (“Terra Nova, ENT).

·              “Jupiter Station” is apparently a military drydock / repair facility in orbit around the gas giant Jupiter (“Silent Enemy, ENT).

·              Titan (largest moon of Saturn): Titan is used for hazardous environment training by Starfleet, though it is unclear if there are any permanent bases or installations on the moon of Saturn, or if away teams are simply dropped off for training (“Strange New World, ENT”).


In other solar systems:

·              Alpha Centauri: Proxima Colony

·              Deneva planet: Deneva Colony

·              Terra Nova planet: first Human colony outside the Sol System (contact lost in 2081, reestablished in 2151)

·              Vega Star (or Alpha Lyrae): Vega Colony (Vega is the central star of the Vega System)




Agencies of the ‘United Earth’ (“Broken Bow; The Expanse; The Forge, ENT”; “Court Martial, TOS”):

·              The United Earth Space Probe Agency [c. 2064- ]

·              Earth-Starfleet [2132-2161]

·              Military Assault Command Operations (MACO) [mid 2100’s]

·              The Earth Cargo Authority (22nd century)

·              Earth Cargo Service (22nd century)

          The United Earth Diplomatic Corps (22nd century)

·              The United Earth Embassy on Vulcan (22nd century)




A Time-line of Significant Events:

c. 2064 – 2067

Not long after first contact with the Vulcans in 2063, a ‘United Earth’ is envisioned and pursued.


 c. 2078 – 2079

However, the dreams of a United Earth were seriously in doubt due to the ‘post-atomic horror’ that some of Earth began to endure (“In a Mirror, Darkly – Part II, ENT”).  



The year 2100 marks the beginning of the ‘European Hegemony’ (“Up The Long Ladder, TNG”).



Australia maintains its autonomy, deciding not to join the United Earth Government.



In 2150, Australia finally joins the United Earth government (sources: Enterprise exploration timeline on Official Web Site, Star Trek Chronology, “Attached, TNG”).   This marked the unifying of ALL human governments on Earth into one organization.



United Earth was responsible for the creation of the Coalition of Planets in 2155 (“Demons and Terra Prime, ENT”).   The opening conference was overseen by both the Space Probe Agency (UESPA) and Earth-Starfleet (“Demons, ENT”).



The Romulan War is at full scale, with the Romulan Star Empire targeting Earth trying to turn the various races of Earths region of space against one another (speculation from “Balance of Terror, TOS”).   Their goal may have been to thwart the establishment of the Federation (obviously implying that they knew the future, specualation from Enterprise series). 



In 2160 the Romulans suffered humiliating defeat at the Battle of Cheron by the Earth/Andorian/Vulcan/Tellarite alliance effectively ending the war (“In a Mirror, Darkly – Part II, ENT”; “Star Trek: Generations” production art).



At the wars end in 2161, the founding four species of the Coalition of Planets, the Denobulans, the Rigelians, the Coridanites, joined together becoming the Federation (“These Are the Voyages…, ENT”).


Thus United Earth not only becomes one of the founding Member States of the United Federation of Planets, they are ultimately responsible for it.


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