NX Program / Project

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NX Program, early 2140’s

The NX program / project was Earth Starfleet’s effort to develop a starship using the engine designed by the Warp-Five program 


Prior to the NX Program, Human ships were only capable of achieving warp 2.


The NX Program was overseen by Commodore Maxwell Forrest from its initial stages in the early 2140’s.


In charge of the engineering team for the NX Program was Captain George William Jefferies, a Starfleet engineer.  He began working on the program in 2143.  Charles Tucker was on his team (“First Flight, ENT”).   Captain Jefferies was still working on the NX Program when the Enterprise was launched in 2151 (“Home, ENT”).  


According to Enterprise the Series, the Vulcans still possessed much influence over Earth Starfleet and the NX-program.


If the NX program continued to follow the order of the United Statesspace shuttle program, the NX-03 and NX-04 would be named Challenger and Discovery respectively.


It is somewhat unclear just how long the NX program remained a unique subdivision of Earth Starfleet.  It is possible that the project proper ended after Enterprise NX-01 was launched.  This is perhaps suggested by the disappearance of the NX Project logo after 2151.  It is notable the Enterprise crew wore only an Enterprise-patch, whereas NX test pilots wore both the project logo and what appeared to be the emblem of their particular vessel on their flight suits. Following that logic, Enterprise crewmembers should have been wearing an NX program logo, had the project still been regarded as an active subdivision of Starfleet.



Enterprise (NX-01)

The  Enterprise NX-01 was commissioned by Earth Starfleet in 2151, with three more on the drawing board.  It was decommissioned in 2161. 

Enterprise NX-01, launched 2151

This prototype of the NX class was the culmination of 32 years of research and development at the Warp-Five Complex, by Jonathan Archer’s father, Henry Archer, and other scientists inspired by Zefram Cochrane. 


It would appear that for Enterprise, the ring-shaped nacelles of Enterprise (XCV-330) were scrapped for the dual-nacelle design that was first employed by Cochrane’s Phoenix. 


The Enterprise enabled Humanity’ to take its first steps of exploration beyond its neighboring star systems. 


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