National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

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The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) was the designation for an early Human space exploration agency created by the former Earth nation United States of America in 1958. (Star Trek: The Motion Picture). 


NASA oversaw the launch of a vast majority of the major spaceflight milestones of the 20th and 21st centuries.



Time-Line of Selected Events


NASA is formed


Late 20th Century

1990s to ?

NASA participates in the International Space Station project (Star Trek: Enterprise opening credits).



The probe Voyager VI is launched (Star Trek: The Motion Picture; Star Trek Chronology)



The probe Nomad MK-15c, constructed by Jackson Roykirk, is launched (“The Changeling, TOS; “Dead Stop, ENT”).



Early 21st Century

The space shuttle OV-165 is launched.  The OV-165 was an orbital-vehicle, a type of space shuttle used by the inhabitants of Earth (This ship is seen in the opening titles of Star Trek: Enterprise).


The Earth-Saturn probe expedition is conducted by Colonel Shaun Geoffrey Christopher and includes Fontana and O’Herlihy (“Tomorrow is Yesterday, TOS”).  The mission patch was among others displayed in the 602 Club (“First Flight, ENT”).



NASA collaborates with other space agencies in the International Space Agency (ISA).  The ISA was a privately funded cross-national space organization.  Together they oversaw several pre-warp missions in the early 21st century (NON-CANON).



This collaboration resulted in the Ares IV mission to Mars in 2032.  This mission was commanded by Lieutenant John Kelly.   Rose Kumagawa and Andrei Novakovich make up the rest of the crew.  The diagrams aboard Ares IV read “ISA / NASA” (“One Small Step, VOY”).



The spaceship Charybdis is launched as the third attempt to explore beyond the Sol system; the crew include Colonel Stephen G. Richey, Evans, Schmitt and Cernan (“The Royale, TNG”).



By the end of WWW III, NASA is eventually phased out leaving the ISA as Earth’s primary operating authority for space flights. 







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