The Captain and Crew of the Enterprise (NX-01)

On April 16th, 2151 the Enterprise (NX-01) is Launched

In 2151, Earth-Starfleet launches its first warp 5-capable starship, the Enterprise (NX-01), under the command of Captain Jonathan Archer.   It is designed for long-term space travel and scientific discovery.   Enterprise’s engine put humanity within reach of thousands of inhabited worlds, compared to the small handful at lower warp speeds, for the first time.


This launched opened up a new age of exploration for Earth and Humanity’s involvement in the Temporal Cold .


The Crew of the Earth -Starfleet Warp 5-capable, Enterprise (NX-01):

Commanding Officer: 


Captain Jonathan Archer; from 2151-216; (Scott Bakula)

  On October 9, 2110, Jonathan Archer is born in Upstate New York on Earth.   He is born and raised as an explorer.  He grew up in San Francisco.  His father is Henry Archer, the famous warp engineer.  Archer was 41when he assumed command of the first Warp-five capable Starship, the Enterprise (NX-01); United Earth’s first full-fledged starship.

His exploration would become legendary; being  responsible for greatly expanding United Earth’s presence in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, and making first contact with more than a dozen species, among them the Klingons, Andorians, and Xindi.

One of his most memorable would be saving Earth from the Xindi. 

Lastly and maybe his most famous contribution to history, Archer is ultimately responsible for the founding of the Federation.

 Executive Officer and Science Officer: 


Sub Commander T’Pol; from 2151-2161; (Jolene Blalock)

 T’pol was born in 2088.  At the age of 63 she was assigned to the Earth Starfleet vessel Enterprise (NX-01), in exchange for the Vulcan provision of star charts and the Klingon linguistic database.

Acting as “chaperon”, she would be the first Vulcan to serve aboard a Human ship for any substantial period. 

In this role she served as Sub-Commander on detached duty from the Vulcan High Command.  

After the attack on Earth by the Xindi, T’Pol resigned her commission and chose to remain aboard (ENT: “The Expanse”).   As a civilian member of the crew, T’Pol retained her position as science officer and second in command without the rank of subcommander.

 Chief Engineer:


Commander Charles Tucker III; from 2151 - November 2154, December 2154 - 2161; (Connor Trinneer)

 Born in 2121, Charles Tucker III grew up in Panama City, Florida (ENT: “Fusion”). 

In 2143, Tucker met Commander Jonathan Archer. At this time, Tucker was a member of Captain Jefferies’ engineering team, working on the NX-Program, with the rank of Lieutenant (ENT: “First Flight”).

He later served for ten years as the chief engineer of Earth‘s first warp 5-capable starship, Enterprise (NX-01), under the command of his best friend, Captain Jonathan Archer.  

During this time, he spent less that one month as Chief Engineer on the Columbia (NX-02) (ENT: “Affliction“).


Commander Kelby

Commander Kelby; served for less than a month in 2154


Commander Kelby was assigned as the chief engineer of Enterprise, under Captain Jonathan Archer, following the transfer of Trip Tucker, to the Columbia (NX-02) (ENT: “Affliction”).

After Commander Tucker returned, Kelby stayed aboard and served on Tucker’s Engineering team. 

 Armory Officer & Security Chief:

Lieutenant Malcolm Reed; From 2151-2161; (Dominic Keating)

Reed was the senior armory officer aboard the Enterprise (NX-01).

Recognizing the need for a heightened state of readiness aboard the Enterprise (NX-01) in dangerous situations, armory officer Malcolm Reed suggests they begin a using a tactical alert system.

So, when the captain would give the order for tactical alert, the ship’s weapons would become armed, the hull plating would be polarized, and critical systems such as the warp drive become secured.  In addition, the ship’s crew would report to battle-stations.  An impact on the hull would also trigger this alert automatically (“Singularity, ENT”).   By the 23rd century, Starfleet referred to tactical alert as both red alert and yellow alert conditions (Star Trek: TOS).

In 2161, Reed was still serving aboard Enterprise with the rank of lieutenant when the ship was decommissioned.

 Communications Officer:


Ensign Hoshi Sato; From 2151-2161; (Linda Park)



Hoshi Sato was born in Kyoto, Japan on July 9, 2129.    

She was a noted Human linguist stationed aboard the United Earth starship Enterprise (NX-01) during its historic mission of exploration.   

Beginning service as the ship’s communications officer in 2151, Sato would eventually be responsible for the creation of the linguacode universal linguistics matrix in the decade following.



Ensign Travis Mayweather; From, 2151-2161; (Anthony Montgomery)



Travis Mayweather was born in 2126 aboard a cargo ship ECS Horizon.

Mayweather was a Human Starfleet officer who served as the primary watch helmsman during the historic voyage of the NX-01 Enterprise, holding the rank of ensign.  

Having grown up on starships, Mayweather could fly nearly any make or model.

 Chief Medical Officer: 


Doctor Phlox; From 2151-2161; (John Billingsley)





Phlox was born sometime in the late 21st century on Denobula, in the Denobula Triaxa system

By 2151, Phlox was working as a doctor at Starfleet Medical in San Francisco. He was a member of the Interspecies Medical Exchange program and not a member of Starfleet.

 He served aboard Enterprise (NX-01) from 2151-2161. 

In November of 2154, Dr. Phlox was forced to help the Klingons develop a vaccine for a deadly mutagenic-virus that would give them a human appearance (i.e. ridgeless foreheads) and then slowly kill them.   This vaccine would not stop the Klingon’s appearance from changing but it would stop the deadly out come of the virus.   Phlox was able to save the Klingon race, and ended their experiments in augmentation (ENT: “Affliction”, “Divergence”). 

Over the course of his career, Phlox obtained more than a dozen scientific degrees. 

Geneticist Arik Soong even confessed that Phlox’s reputation in sciences rivaled that of his own (ENT: “Borderland”). 

 Science Division: 


Crewman Elizabeth Cutler; From 2151-2152; (Kellie Waymire)



Elizabeth Cutler was a crewmember and an entomologist assigned to the sciences division aboard the Enterprise (NX-01).  

Crewman Cutler and Dr. Phlox formed a close friendship. 




Crewman Daniels; Early 2150's; (Matt Winston)


Daniels infiltrated Enterprise (NX-01), posing as a crewman (third class) who was one of the ship’s stewards.

He was an agent in the Temporal Cold War, from the 31st century.

His mission was to ensure that the Suliban Cabal did not interfere in historical events. 

The Suiban Cabal’s mission was to prevent Archer from establishing relationships with other species that would lead to the Federation.

 Commander of

MACO Detachment:


Major J. Hayes; From 2153-2154; (Steven Culp)


Major J. Hayes was assigned to Enterprise (NX-01) in 2153 after it was decided that Archer and crew were going to track down those responsible for attacking Earth (ENT: “The Expanse”).

On February 13, 2154, Hayes led a mission aboard a Xindi-Reptilian vessel to rescue Ensign Hoshi Sato from the clutches of the Reptilians. Although Sato was successfully rescued, Hayes was shot and mortally wounded moments before beaming out. He recommended Corporal J. McKenzie as his replacement (ENT: “Countdown”).




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