Warp Nacelle

Warp Nacelle

A nacelle is an outboard structure on starships which houses the warp coils, necessary components of warp flight.  The warp coils create a subspace displacement field, which “warps” the space around the vessel allowing it to “ride” on a spatial distortion, and travel faster than the speed of light. (ENT: “Cold Front”).

– The above definition is from Memory Alpha.


In the early part of the 22nd century, Earth probably used Vulcan-style ring-nacelle configurations.   So, the Enterprise (XCV-330) would appear to have been a test vehicle constructed by humans and inspired by Vulcan technology.  This would be in keeping with the “X” in its registration.   “X” often means eXperimental.   In US Navy usage, “CV” is used to designate aircraft carriers, which could make this an experimental fighter carrier.


However, for the Enterprise (NX-01) the ring-shaped nacelle’s were apparently scrapped for the dual-nacelle design that was first employed by Cochrane’s Phoenix in 2063 (Star Trek: First Contact).



Ring-Shaped Nacelle     



Vulcan Ship, Suurok-class

Enterprise (XCV-330)

Possibly launched by Henry Archer

(early 2120’s)




Dual-Shaped Nacelle






Launched by Zefram Cochran (2063)

Enterprise (NX-01)

Launched 2151


Enterprise (NCC-1701)

Launched 2245




Misc. Shots

NX-01, inside Nacelle

The catwalk inside a Nacelle of the Enterprise (NX-01)









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