Enterprise (XCV-330)

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Enterprise (XCV-330) – Launched early 22nd Century 

The Enterprise XCV-330 was an Earth starship of a class that existed sometime prior to the establishment of Earth Starfleet (c. 2132).    


With the speculated launch date of the USS Enterprise XCV-330 in the early 2120’s, it is likely that this was the first vessel launched by the United Earth Space Probe Agency (UESPA) in conjunction with the Warp-Five Complex, which itself was only a few years old (c. 2119).  This would mostly likely have been launched under the watchful eye of Henry Archer (Captain Jonathan Archer’s father).


Based on the Star Trek Maps reference book (published in 1980, when “canon” consisted of only TOS and Star Trek: The Motion Picture) the Enterprise XCV-330 was one of Earth’s first attempts to explore outside the solar system and was a pre-warp ship.   However, based on what we learn in the ENT episode “First Flight” the XCV-330 could have been capable of warp 2.0, as that episode documents the first Earth ships to surpass warp 2.


On the ENT series, this portrait also hangs in Earth Star Fleet Headquarters, and in the 602 Club; an establishment frequented by NX-program personnel.    A portrait of the XCV-330 was also on the 1701-Refit’s recreation deck (Star Trek: The Motion Picture).   


To date, no post-ENT canon nor licensed work has addressed or clarified any specifics about this ship.



The Vulcan Suurok-Class Starships

From a design standpoint the ring-shaped, drive-design resembles the Suurok-class starship.   So, it is probable that this Enterprise was another experimental vessel, possibly testing a Vulcan-style ring-nacelle configuration.   This would be in keeping with the “X” in its registration.  “X” often means eXperimental.



–          Vulcan Suurok-Class Starships article at Memory Alpha, the canon Star Trek wiki.




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