USS Enterprise (NCC-1701)

USS Enterprise (NCC-1701)

A Federation-Starfleet, Constitution–class, Starship

“to boldly go where no man has gone before”

–  Zefram Cochran –



It is generally accepted that the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) was launched in 2245.   Before Captain James T. Kirk took command (2265-2270) she was commanded by Captain April (2245-2251) and Captain Pike (2252-2264).  In the course of her career, she became the most celebrated Federation-Starfleet vessel of the 23rd century.



It is probably safe to assume that the USS Enterprise was the first Federation-Starfleet ship to bear the name Enterprise.  Until this point the Enterprise NX-01 would have been the most famous starship to bear that name; which of course was launched by Earth-Starfleet, the predecessor to Federation-Starfleet.   It is probably same to assume that this Constitutional-class vessel was named Enterprise given the extensive history of ships named Enterprise. 



What we do not know is how many ships in the 84 years of the Federations existence were used for deep space exploration.   Since exploration of the alpha and beta quadrants still seemed relatively new, the USS Enterprise may have been the first ship since the Enterprise NX-01 to do deep space exploration. 



In her forty years of service and discovery, through upgrades and at least 4 refits, she took part in numerous first contacts, military engagements, and time-travels.



The Enterprise was destroyed in 2285 (Star Trek III: The Search for Spock).



Enterprise Refits

The NCC-1701 underwent four known refits:

1.       (2264) After Pike’s Mission – minor upgrades, new paint job, addition of primary colors throughout ship, covering up the grey theme

2.       (late 2265) The Enterprise returns to Earth to undergo crew rotation and refit after the tragic events at Delta Vega.   Uniforms are replaced by Starfleet.

3.     (2267) The Enterprise engineering room was modified some time in the second TOS season and a dilithium chamber was added, among a couple of other changes. Since the overall dimensions remained identical, it was definitely supposed to be the very same room.

Original Engineering Configuration, 2245-2267

Refit Engineering Configuration, 2267-2273 (or possibly 2278)

4.     ( 2273 or 2278 ) Major refit. It is unclear whether this refit was after Kirk’s first five year mission or his second.  The Enterprise was 28 to 33 years old and returning from a deployment that included an unprecedented number of warp-speed records, hull-pounding battles, and frame-stressing maneuvers.  (During this time a number of  Constitutional-class ships underwent a complete reconstruction that included new warp nacelles, modification of the engineering hull and “neck”, enlargement of the saucer section and a new bridge module.) 

– Check article on: USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-Refit), launched mid to late 2270’s


Mission Patch

Mission Patch, Enterprise NCC-1701



Bridge, c.2245-2264


Bridge, c.2265-2273 (or possibly 78′)





Sick Bay 



Transporter Room

Original Transporter Room, c.2245-2264

Refit Transporter Room, c. 2265-2273 (or possible 78')

Transporter Room Console, c. 2245-2264

Transporter Room Console, c. 2265

Transporter Room Console, c. 2265-2273 (or possibly 78')



Misc. Shots


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