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Federation-Starfleet, founded 2161

Federation Starfleet

Federation Starfleet

Following the Coalition of Planets (2155) and the Romulan War (c. 2156-2160), the United Federation of Planets (UFP ) is formed.    The member worlds combined their fleets into one single service called Starfleet. 



Thus retaining the designation used by United Earth.


The Starfleet created after the formation of the UFP  has grown to be one of the most important powers of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.    As hinted in numerous non-canon sources it was merged with MACO, the Andorian Imperial Guard and the respective Vulcan and Tellarite entities for that purpose.


The Vulcans, while supportive of the UFP, were extremely cautious of its expansion; slowing Earth down in its endeavor to expand further into the unknown.    As its expansion crept along through the admittance of more and more worlds, it came into conflict.  Belligerent powers such as the Klingon and Romulan Empires aggressively opposed the UFP.   Orion pirates plague the space ways, attacking and looting ships and colonies. 


This may be why eighty-four years after its formation the universe still seemed so big.


So, by the time the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) launched in 2245, most of both quadrants remains unexplored; space is the final frontier.  

Starfleet Academy, 2245

Starfleet Academy, 2245

Starfleet Academy, 2161

Starfleet Academy, 2161



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