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United Earth's Starfleet

Earth-Starfleet, Founded c. 2132

Earth-Starfleet (2132-2161) was the predecessor organization to the Federation-Starfleet (2161- ).

United Earth replaced the Space Probe Agency (UESPA) with Earth-Starfleet as the leading agency utilizing state of the art warp technology to explore space.   As a result, UESPA becomes a supplementary arm of Starfleet, continuing with their programs of exploration and colonization.  UESPA and the NX Program would be agencies / programs under the umbrella of Starfleet.


Earth-Starfleet’s charter (purpose), is to “…seek out new life and new civilizations” and “…go boldly where no man has gone before.” (This quote is attributed to Zefram Cochrane, “Broken Bow, ENT”; charter phrasing also from Star Trek Encyclopedia).  


Earth-Starfleet was a civilian organization located in the city of San Francisco, Earth.  Interestingly, it adopted many aspects of Earth’s earlier military forces, even though its main role was scientific development and exploration. Ranks within Starfleet closely follow the traditions of the United States Navy and the British Royal Navy (“Broken Bow, ENT”; “Terra Prime, ENT”).


Earth-Starfleet did not have any jurisdiction over what happens aboard vessels operating in the Earth Cargo Service. That responsibility remained in the hands of the Earth Cargo Authority (“Fortunate Son, ENT”; “Horizon, ENT”).


The most famous ship of the Earth-Starfleet was the NX-class Enterprise (NX-01), which will not launch till April of 2151.


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