Covers the years in Star Trek Universe from 2269-2270.


Star Trek: The Animated Series was produced by Filmation and ran for two seasons. Most of the original cast performed the voices of their characters from The Original Series as well as many of the original series’ writers like DC Fontana. The character of Chekov did not appear in the series.


Larger and more exotic alien landscapes and lifeforms were featured, however animation and soundtrack quality, with the liberal re-use of shots and musical cues as well as occasional animation errors, has detracted from the reputation of the series.


Although originally sanctioned by Paramount (who became the owners of the Star Trek franchise following its acquisition of Desilu in 1967), the series is not considered to be canon.


Even so, elements of the animated series have been used by writers in later live-action series and movies (e.g. Kirk’s middle name, Tiberius, made official in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country), and elements thus incorporated are canon. TAS came back to television in the mid-1980s on the children’s cable network Nickelodeon, and in the early 1990’s on cable network Sci-Fi Channel and was released to DVD in 2006.



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