Covers the years in Star Trek Universe from 2151-2161

Star Trek: Enterprise (originally aired as Enterprise), produced from 2001-2005, is a prequel to the other Star Trek series.


The pilot episode takes place in 2151, ten years before the founding of the Federation of Planets in 2161, about one hundred years before the original Star Trek series.


The series depicts the exploration of space by the crew of the Earth Starfleet starship Enterprise NX-01.  Commanded by Captain Jonathan Archer (Scott Bakula), Enterprise is able to go farther and faster than any human vessel had previously gone. Enterprise showed the origins of several features that would become common in the sequel series; such as the inventing of new technologies; the static warp bubble; the Coalition of Planets (pre-curser to the Federation), the Xindi incident, and first contact with new species, such as the Tellarites, Andorians and Klingons; and even why Klingon’s have no ridges. 


For the first two seasons Enterprise was episodic, like the original series and The Next Generation. During the third and fourth seasons, the series used long story arcs spanning several episodes at a time.



For more info check out link at Wikipedia: STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE





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